Wardrobe Uplifter


  • It makes it possible to hang suits and gowns at the top, repurposing the interior of the closet.
  • Especially appropriate for spaces between 830mm and 1150mm broad.
  • It can be simply lowered, locked in place when loading or unloading garments, and then silently retracted into the wardrobe.
  • The lift is fixed directly into the “System 32” hole with attaching screws included in the pack, and is raised and lowered by a hydraulic system that uses a fluid with unique properties.
  • Its base was designed specifically to avoid door hinges.
  • Load Capacity 15kgs.


Wardrobe Uplifter 8-10 Kg

S.No.Item CodeDescriptionDimensions
(W x D x H) mm
333.LWUL 10Wardrobe Uplifter
8-10 Kg
(830-1150) x 820
334.LWUL 15Wardrobe Uplifter
15 Kg
(830-1150) x 820