Rolling Shutter


  • Full openings in cabinets are provided by these doors, which also make an excellent alternative for standard hinged or sliding doors. These doors are also easy to install and come with a wide selection of accessories.
  • Material: Aluminum, PVC, and Glass.
  • Available in finishes of White, Black


Code NoSize (mm) (W) x
LPRS 450450 x 1320PVC AluminumSet
LPRS 600600 x 1320PVC Aluminum
LPBRS 600600 x 1320PVC Black
LPWRS 600600 X 1320PVC White
LPRS 900900 X 1320PVC Aluminum
LARS 450450 X 1320Real Aluminum
LARS 600600 X 1320Real Aluminum
LARS 900900 X 1320Real Aluminum
LSSRS 600600 X 1320Real Aluminum SS Brush
LCARS 900900 X 1320Real Aluminum Champagne
LAWRS 600600 X 1320Real Aluminum White
LBGRS 600600 X 1320Black Lacquered Glass
LFGRS 900900 X 1320Frosted Lacquered Glass